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11/07/15 01:37 PM #1    

Gerry Coffey (Stevens)

The Best times after school where spent at Fulfs,,, Sally Cambpell and I would go to Hill Bros Grocery next door get cookies out of the cookie bin(yes they where sold loose then by the #) take them to Fulfs and order a cherry coke what fun

11/08/15 01:21 PM #2    

Bette Branigan (Goldsmith)

Gerry, that was a great post.  It brought back such fun memories of spending time at Fulf's drinking our cherry cokes.  One of our highlights in growing up in Dixon....Bette Branigan Goldsmith

11/09/15 08:36 AM #3    

Nancy Rohr (Bruce)

Really great memories!

11/09/15 06:34 PM #4    

Gerry Coffey (Stevens)

check out chucks picture in the picture gallery "just for fun" classmates keep going with more  pictures 

11/10/15 12:02 PM #5    

Jackie Whitmer (Wooldridge)

Love the comments and pictures.  I laughed at Chuck Rizner's prom picture sitting at entrance to school.  I have one taken there also.  Must have been popular.  How many others have a picture from there?

Jackie (Whitmer) Wooldridge

11/11/15 07:49 AM #6    

Nancy Rohr (Bruce)

Fulf's did sell tobacco and sporting goods over on the other side of the store.  I think Mr. Rosebrook  had a partner but I cannot remember who it was.  How about Burbank's Rexall Drug Store across the street.  Not as popular as Fulf's but such nice people.  Chuck, Jim says "hello".  He said the two of you spent many fun times together. He should correspond with you, but doesn't!!!

Nancy Rohr Bruce

11/14/15 03:22 PM #7    

Gerry Coffey (Stevens)

Beiers Bakery is now a vacant lot, which is a very nice compliment to our riverfront we now have From Galena Ave Bridge East on River Street all new street, with a bike and walking path along river. Reynolds Wire was bought by KSB Hospital, with Doctors ofc attorneys, beauty shop, cardio rehab center and walk way above the street to hospital... Freeman Shoes and W 1st street is a parking lot for The Amarican Legion across the street. Bordens buildings are  still there and is now Bay Foods. And the downtown has all been rehabed and beautiful... We have a new city council and city manager goverment  and very progressive... More to come in 2016

11/15/15 10:18 AM #8    

Neil Curlee

     In 1953 and '54, I worked at Fulfs after school and weekends...along with Pat Gras, Ray Nehring, Louise Maves, Chuck Bohn and the McCardle girls.  Bud Rosebrook made much of the ice cream for the week on Saturday mornings.  Glen Rosebrook's partner was Eugene "Uncle Mac" McNamera, an ex-marine who administered his "bumps" to the head whenever we occasionally got out of line.  The place was a riot after the games....standing room only.  Fulf's Frosted Malts were the favorite, we would prepare dozens in advance of the aftergame crowds.  Tons of stories and fun!

                                                                                  Neil Curlee

11/15/15 07:04 PM #9    

Barbara Wade (Reeder)

Yes, those were good times.  Gary Still likes Cherry Cokes and usually has some in the fridge.  Barb Reeder

01/19/16 05:28 PM #10    


Chuck Rizner

On the prom theme question, I remember when we were juniors we put together a prom theme for the seniors called, "Stairway to the Stars."  We even had a stairway under the east basket in the gym where couples could have their pictures taken.  It really looked good.  When we were seniors, I really can't remember what the junior class put together for us. It couldn't have been as good as our junior prom....after all, we had the best class ever...right?  I remember when we were seniors, the movie after the dance at the Dixon Theater was "Battle Cry" with Tab Hunter. Did we even have a movie our junior year? You know what? Tonight, I am going to celebate the memories of our all night proms by staying up ALL THE WAY to 11pm.    Chuck

WAIT....maybe "Battle Cry" was our junior prom I'm not sure. One of our proms it was Battle Cry......OK?  Did I do good?

01/21/16 11:26 AM #11    

Barbara Wade (Reeder)

On further thought that Roman program was not our Sr. Prom and don't know what it was. My after prom tickets were in it so that was not where they belonged  You do much better in the memory department than I do, Chuck! yes I'm impressed. After the prom we went to the theater, then the Elks Club, then swimming at Lowell Park, then breakfast at the Park, and home to sleep all day! 

01/23/16 10:41 PM #12    

Gerry Coffey (Stevens)

good job Barb I to can remember Jr year theme and events maybe because we where so involved in the plans but how about our senior year where did we go to eat before prom and what after just doesn't come to mind. Do you remember after graduation we had a dance a the country club? Who put that on?

07/26/16 03:31 PM #13    

Gerry Coffey (Stevens)

check out our classmates who have registered: Andy Anderson, Jody Bally Conley:Gerry Coffey Stevens: Judy Bryant Poffenberger: Stanley Danek: Tom Gower: Mary Hersherberger Barnett: Donna Hintz Misner: David Jones: Wally Krug: Alena LaCour Treichel: Don Lawson: Martha Lindquist Thompson: Rudy Marloth: Peggy Marshall Wallace: David Sneed: Georgiana Stiles Bollman: Dave Thomas: Jane Tully Melvin: Terry Utley Dunphy:Tom Villiger: Donna Villiger Hunt: Jackie Whitmer Wooldridge


08/02/16 08:19 AM #14    

Gerry Coffey (Stevens)

class mates names added after Aug 1st:  Sandra Howard:Robert Shank:Judy Drew Conderman:Beverly Bonnell Burkhardt:Frances Tucker Slain:Sam and Shelby Russell Kerley:Kathryn Gross Rubey:Barbara Maloney Reif:Ralph Silhan: Ronald Toot:Gary and Barbara Wade Reeder:Bud Rosbrook:Jane Whites Balayti:Sally Hill Campbell:Austin Ritterspach:Willard Mott: Neil Curlee:Shirley Bohn Belcher: Dorothy Beauseigneur Wagenknecht:Darrel Sholders Janet Bollman Warner: Carol Stouffer Noggle: Donna Smythe Drew :Helen Sereg Schroeder: Don Finch: Ellen Cross Allen; Warren Stultz; Dick Nelson

10/07/16 03:55 PM #15    

Gerry Coffey (Stevens)

many pictures where taken at our reunion,, if anyone has one that has all of us in it,,, please download in picture gallery 

10/08/16 03:53 PM #16    

Carol Stouffer (Noggle)

I had a really good time at each activity -- HS visit, Friday night, and Saturday night. This time the name tags were very important since I seemed to have a harder time recognizing classmates!

For those of you in Dixon please send us news of the vote on the referendum regarding the demise or not of the DHS building. It mystifies me where they could find the acreage for the huge campus idea. It would not be convenient to very many students.  

The buddy of Ronald Reagan contributed millions to refurbish South Central School into a museum -- where is he now? In the SC museum there were hundreds and hundreds of copies of his two books on the shelves up in the 3rd floor gym. A tour of that museum was definitely worth the trip.

Carol Stouffer Noggle


10/09/16 12:45 PM #17    

Gerry Coffey (Stevens)

Carol it is interesting you should ask about the person who bought and has invested in the Dixon Historic Museum , Norm Wymbs , he passed away this pastweek there is  a article written about his involment with Reagan... If you go to Sauk Valley News and click on News you can pull it up or I will also send it to you,,, He first bought the Reagan Boyhood Home and 3 homes on that block started the Boyhood Foundation  Later bought the old South Cental School and poured  About $25 million into the faculty over the past 30 years which has been a great benefil to Dixon. Happy to hear several of our classmates toured the center..We do have quite a history, with the Wallgreens to.

10/09/16 05:37 PM #18    

Barbara Wade (Reeder)

Yes, our family has a very interesting connection with the Walgreens.  My grandfather worked as a gardner at their summer estate when he retired from farming.  My sister & I used to go out there to swim in their pool - we also met Mrs. Walgreen on occassion when she was there.  My grandfather was killed on the property when they were cutting down a tree and it fell on him.  They didn't give my grandmother 1 red cent for his loss.  They did pay for his funeral.


10/10/16 10:18 AM #19    

Barbara Maloney (Reif)

Our family had a relationship to the Walgreen family after we moved to West Lafayette.  Our three kids had a paper route for 13 years while we lived in WL the first time.  One of their customers was a Mr.Walgreen, the brother and Controller of the company for many years.  He was retired, was very nice but was a meticulous gardener.  He was nice to the kids but didn't want them to walk on the lawn!  Our kids learned a lot about customer relations in that job - not a bad skill to learn in early years.

12/12/16 04:23 PM #20    

Gerry Coffey (Stevens)

Sadly so we have lost 3 classmates in the last few weeks, fond memories of Paul Miller, Stanley Danek and Don Finch.

09/01/19 12:24 AM #21    

Edward Lawton

Happy Birthday Jeanne.I would love to see you sometime n Dixon. You can stay for free in my new Hotel when it is finished!

Ed Lawton 8-31-2019

09/01/19 07:24 AM #22    

Nancy Rohr (Bruce)

Hi Ed!

I just read your note saying you are building a hotel in Dixon and am interested in learning more about it. Where is it going to be and when do you expect it to be completed?

Nancy Rohde Bruce

09/02/19 04:18 PM #23    

Edward Lawton


I am building the 5 story hotel on IL Route 2 on the south side road that goes by the Ford Dealership and ends at the Brandywine Banquet Center. It is also down hill from the Magnuson Hotel ( A very BAD hotel that is now owned by an Indian (India) man who the county is concerned is allowing drug sales and is also a potential Fire risk due poor trash disposal!!                                                                                                                                       My hope is that I will be able to open the Hotel and the 5 story Restaurant Complex by late summer or early fall of 2020. The restaurant on the ground floor will be called Paul Potts Manhattan Cafe and be open 24 hours a day and 365 days per year. Remember the Manhattan Cafe which was across the street from the Dixon Theatre on South Galena Ave. in downtown Dixon. I delivered dairy products there at 5am on Sunday mornings during our Junior and Senior years at DHS. The second floor of the restaurant complex will be mult-purpose room that will be able used for old Ronald Reagan movies, conferences, banquets, trade shows,etc..                                       The third floor will be for offices and conference rooms.  The fourth floor will be used as a multi- ethnic restaurant that will have a different theme each day ( French, Spanish, Italian, German/Polish/Swiss, Chinese, Japanese, and of course Southern style American food and maybe even some really good Mexican food.              The fifth floor restaurant will be called The Rainbow Room (named after the one in New York City which is located on the 65 floor of Rockefeller Center in downtown Manhattan). This will be the Finest Restaurant in the Northern third of Illinois outside of Chicago. Champagne will be served to all guests over 20 years of age with each Dinner. There will be a Sunday and Holiday Champagne Brunch Served in this Beautiful Restaurant.         The two buildings will be the width of a city street apart and will have enclosed bridges on the second, third, fourth, and fifth floors of the two buildings.    We will have 24 hour room service at the hotel (no liquor served between 1am- 10am daily).    This is the first phase of 7-10 years plan that I and a group of investors and Banks are putting together to tell the story of two men from Illinois- Abraham Lincoln and RONALD Reagan. They were born 102 years apart/ Abe saved our country and Dutch saved the World!!               When we fiiish this project, approximately 450-500 million dollars will be spent and should be worth eventually approximately One Billion Dollars! I have always loved history and what better way to tell people new to this area or too young to understand that both Abraham Lincoln and RONALD Reagan left there mark on this area( Sauk Valley Area). Several other people have also been a part of this area. Charles Walgreen , Father John Dixon, John Deere, Ray Kroc (the founder of McDonalds Restaurant Chain. The first McDonalds was in the suburbs of Chicago) (my Father knew Ray Kroc and purchased 5 Spindle Multi-mixers for our stores and restaurants that served our ice cream cones, sundaes,shakes and Malts). Long story and a Big Future Project.      Edward Lawton, Labor Day 2019





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